Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wear these LIPS! & Quick Step by Step How To Do A Quick & Sexy Style!

I Love everything about this.

This look was shown at Ohne Titel, which walked at Exit Art earlier today.

Wear your lips & hair like this!

The hair style is so sexy and so easy. Woman need to embrace this style more. Put effort into your lazy bun, give it a little volume and make it sexy!

Here is a 5 step by step how to recreate this look.

1. Blow dry the hair with voluminous gel/lotion.

2. Rake through the hair loosely and thoroughly to create a messy yet structured pony at the middle of the crown area and secure pony.

3. Back comb or tease hair to achieve maximum volume.

4. Fold the pony tail over itself and secure. For a really loose and messy look leave the ends out. For a more structured look tuck the ends into the bun.

5. Spray the hair with a volume based medium hold hair spray.

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