Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Runway Psychs Us Out

So at Fashion Week today Project Runway showed. Rather than revealing its seasons "3 finalists" through the show Project Runway had 4 decoys and 3 finalists show their collections. Only thing is we didn't know who was who.

"Last Thursday, "Project Runway" attracted an estimated 4 million viewers, up from last year's drop to an estimated average of less than three million viewers, The Nielsen Company said.

Model and "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum, who called the show a "sea of fantasy and color," said the designers did such good work that "it's hard to choose a winner.""

As far as the hair goes, the little bit that I did see was very strong and lots of styles incorporated different amounts of volume in some form or fashion. Not to say that it all was strong but the bits that I had a chance to see showed a lot of strong shape and design!

I envision seeing a lot of attitude with the hair in a lot of subtle ways. It's always about the garments but I really am excited to see some energy with this years hair.

So project runway fans You will just have to stay in tuned with whats going on, because today didn't lead us any closer to finding out who is the final three!

Make sure to watch tonight.

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