Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orlando Pita Knots His Way Through Michael Kors

Orlando Pita will always be an innovator on the runway. A lot of the artistic teams and big shots of the runway do it well. But people like Pita, Guido Palau, Eugene Souleiman, Etc. There is a reason that these names have become quintessential in the world of fashion.

So much of what we have seen on the runways have been inspired by looks of the 70's and 90's and again with a lot of that lazy texture.

I think what Orlando did here is great. I think Orlando makes his own rules and although a stylist is always limited to a designers box (which is a very fun box!) he will find a way to stay current yet keep his integrity. His styles are innovative fun and energetic.

I love this look. To me it gives me a feeling of dread locks. A lot of that 90's look that I have been speaking of has been through the impression of the grunge era. I think this gives a whole new vibe to that 90's flair. Almost a little rebel surfer feel. Of course at the same time these looks, clothing wise were all very sunny, which I think is relevant to that surfer, beach feel.

I don't know if this should inspire you to give your clients dread locks tomorrow in the salon, but I think as hairstylist we can look at this and interpret the woman who wears something like this and translate that into our guests.

For those guest that spend their last days of summer at the beach or maybe even some fall nights for a dinner with their husband. Give them the option of something a little more relaxed with their night/formal hair. Let it be a little disheveled and let their youth out!

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