Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Magazine Cover! Amazing Hair Cut & Color for Fall!

This cover is amazing!

So lets talk about these pictures in relation to hair:

Personally I can not get enough of a shag based style. I think it's iconic and I think it is going to become quite a staple of this future generation in fashion.

In relation to the now, for quite a while I have been hearing about growing out that Bob and transitioning that look into a style. Well at this point these grown out Bobs are grown and now they have some style! This look really gives a woman an attitude and allows for her features to become a little more exposed, keeping it sexy and soft! I also love the bangs on these girls!

I am so excited to see this color. I think it is time to bring some gold back into our lives. Personally I have seen a lot of cool cool tones lately. So I love these warmer colors and I think its exactly what we need for the fall season.

The brown hue has a really rich auburn color to it and I love the almost flatness to it, very natural. There is enough dimension but at the same time it doesn't look over colored.

The blonde is a perfect shade of blonde with enough depth of dimension, to once again offer a very natural shade to this color.

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