Sunday, September 12, 2010

How To Do A 40's Wave In Your Hair @ Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

The stylelist Breaks down the
Philosophy di Alberta FerrettiShow including a great how to done by TIGI's
Paul Hanlon.

But Before.... My thoughts:
Its a great look. I like the retro vibe of it. I think it portrays a great way of how woman can have a classic thorw back with their hair fashion yet still keep it retro and fashion forward.

Think it's too much for you? Maybe try incorporating a 40's type wave in your bang area a little larger and a little looser. Make sure to keep everything else less done and organic.


"THE SCOOP: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti's Spring 2011 collection sailed off shores to a sunny tropical getaway with sun-kissed faces full of peach and bronzer enhancing the bold print clothing, as well as retro-chic ponytails that featured Rita Hayworth-like waves to frame the face.

Photo: Grace Gold for StyleList

"We wanted to create a late 1940's Hawaiian pageant queen look, with tanned and glowing skin and a makeup palette filled with fun and young peach shades," Pieroni told StyleList. Brows were reminiscent of Brooke Shields in their strong and unshaped beauty, and the coral hues were so sheer and breathable, that Pieroni used the same shades on all the models, regardless of skin tone.

Hair took a cue from Rita Hayworth's classic '40's wave, though all strands save for sideswept bangs were pulled back into a low ponytail after being set with retro pin curls. "I didn't want the wave to make the girls look old, so leaving the bangs out gave it just the right touch of glamour, while pulling the hair back into a ponytail kept it young and flirty," said Hanlon.

GET THE LOOK HAIR - Blow dry hair smooth with a round brush, and then set in pin curls and allow to set and cool. Then take out pins, brush through hair, and pull back into a low ponytail. Keep a side swept section of bangs out at one side, and rake your fingers through it for a soft touchable wave. Spray with TIGI Sleek Mystique Hair Spray to hold style without crunch and to add shine. "Each model will wear a sun hat with at least one of her outfits, and we're hiding the ribbon of the hat in the hair," said Hanlon.

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