Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How can I incorporate menswear into my wardrobe and still look feminine?

Before we get started on the hair it is important to know how to dress in this fashion.

Know matter what, you want to shop for garments that flatters your body type as a woman. In order to create a more softer feminine style, it is important to create a more feminine silhouette with your garments. So regardless of how we suggest you style your hair shop correctly. Because this look is HOT! and yes you can wear it well just know how to shop it. Need more help on the subject? Here is a great blog post of a few ideas on how to get started and how to dress it up a little softer.

With every great trend in fashion is a great trend in hair that must work in unison. Here a 5 great tips on how to wear your hair when wearing this fashion.

1. Tighten Up:
When wearing formal wear, wear your hair a little more masculine by pulling it back into a tight strong pony. This will help to compliment your style but still keeping it feminine by exposing your natural soft facial features. Looking to soften it up more, use a bang like in this picture. This will allow a little more softness around your face.

2. Let Your Hair Down:
Length is always a great way to create a more softer feminine style to your hair that accompanies a strong masculine style. Just make sure it's not too long. Hair that is long should be well maintained!

3. Let's Shag:
Wear a shag with a strong in your face bang. This picture is a great example. What this does is it really gives you a masculine skater boy look that accompanies some of your more funky strong fashionable outfits. The shaggy grungy length of this cut still gives you a soft look needed to keep it feminine but at the same time the bang helps to give you the edge!

4. Add Accessories:
This is the perfect way to soften a look. From head bands to flowers you can always girl it up with a fun accessory in your hair. Just make sure you don't go over the top with making it to girly, remember what you are wearing.

5. Cut it short!
There is nothing better to accompany this look than a short soft pixie. It not only compliments the style but it keeps a woman looking soft and sexy by exposing her cheek bones and jaw lines.

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