Monday, September 20, 2010

Check Out Atelier Versace Look Book & Get Inspired

Atelier Versace Does a great job of creating texture on texture. Something I feel that is unique to a lot of what we saw at s/s fashion week.

As hair stylists lets get inspired by this! What a fun way to take something like this and incorporate it into our design.

Looking at these shots, we see a lot of texture lying on top of texture. This creates subtle hints of volume, not only in hair but also in clothing. The more texture and disconnection to the hair that we create the more the styles will begin to create layers, hence creating more volume.Not only will this give us the effect of volume, but it will allow us to create movement within our design. Movement is a great inspiration of what we are seeing today. A lot of what we are seeing has the ability to be a lot more loose and less structured. Which is exactly what disconnection and movement will create. Think of it as hidden structure.

So Check out these looks & Get Inspired. To see the full Book Click Here

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