Monday, September 6, 2010

Salon Business Monday!

Keep up with our blog to keep up with the latest! That's what we do, that's why we created this blog. We are slowly introducing new themes into our blog on specific dates.

We would now like to introduce Salon Business Monday!

If you are looking to new ideas, trends and ways to promote your salon make sure to follow us on monday. Every monday we will be dedicating at least one post, article and/or video all about the stylist and/or salon looking for new innovative ways to grow your business.

These post's will be sure to include new and innovative ways to promote your self. Our intentions our to seek out information and ideas used in outside industries and incorporate them into the salon world!

So if you are looking to find ways to grow your clientele make sure to check back every monday for Salon Business Monday!

For now watch this video. It is a showcase of a session that did in cancun mexico not too long ago. If you like what you see make sure to visit This Page to see the entire video

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