Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Approaches & You Need A Hairstyle?: The Hairstylist Blog Has You Coverd!!

As fashion week has passed us and the trends are "in" I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the "trends" we saw and how to incorporate them into fun ways to wear your hair for homecoming or in a stylist point of view, some fun styles to show your girls for their "Big Date!"

The truth is that what's hot on the runway, rarely transcends into the world of high school tomorrow. That is a whole other world of trend. However, it doesn't mean, girls/stylists, that you cant get inspired by whats hot on the runway, right? I mean lets face it, if it's hot.... ITS HOT... right?
Lets take a little inspiration from the runways and put it in our UP DO's and give those boring old "homecoming up don'ts" a big boot in their spiral butt :)

Here are a few looks that I recommend for this years homecoming and why!

1. Christina Hendricks - Modern Mad Men 60's Loose Messy Style

Why I like this: It keeps you in fashion, it's fun and quite frankly it's hot. It represents a mature and modern woman. The look is sexy and loose; keeping a modern 60's vibe the look is very easy going for a long night out of dancing and shaking on the dance floor. No matter how hot or humid the environment might become, a look like this has enough structure and messiness to keep you looking sexy for your date all night long!
Also if your feeling even more Mad Men inspired put a little more volume into this look at the crown. This is a great way to really showcase the Mad Girl Inside of you!

2. Heidi Klum - Flower Power inspired messy braid.

Why I like: Running with the concept of the 70's, what better way to showcase the fashions to come than a hippie inspired messy braid. Once again it is all about security when you are flying around with your girls on the dance floor. Quite frankly, you can't get much more secure than this braid! If you are the type of girl who is a free spirit and is looking for a style that stays true to your self, then look no further! This style, as cheesy as I am to write this, is far out.

3. Stuff in Hair - No Fuss No Muss & A Lot of Stuff

Why i like: Tara (one of the writers for THB) wrote a post about how she is obsessed! with stuff aka accessories in hair lately (CHECK OUT HER POST HERE). From big to little the look is HOT! & has been embraced on the runway. I have to agree, I can't get enough either. Think anthropologie meets homecoming. Doesn't get much better than that. If you are the type of girl who really isn't in to fru-fruing it up but cares enough to bring a sense of style and sexiness, this is the look for you. Wear it with a low chignon, a messy loose up-do! (not up-don't) or just wear your hair down in a loose texture and let the accessory be the highlight of your hair. Remember this look is all about having fun, so if your going to do it, make sure you have fun while doing it!

Have any other suggestions? We would love to hear what you think is hot this year for homecoming!

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