Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tara's Front Desk Tidbits and Tips: Can't We All Just Get Along?

I know and I understand how challenging it can be to be responsible for not only all the guests in the salon, but also for all the tech's in the salon as well. Tensions will flare, after all humans are humans, right? We are not all perfect...and no, I am not going to argue that statement.

When it comes to confronting your staff in order to keep the peace one thing you must be good at is to have the ability to step back every so often, detach yourself from salon "friend" and actually be salon "boss"and address any issues that may arise... and do it in a manner that is professional. Learn to pull your staff aside and have private conversations with them to address an issue rather than keep it inside and letting it build. I hate when adults act like snickering babies or gossip queens. Especially in a place of business. Stand up straight, bite the bullet, and put an end to any bad energy created by salon staff- and if you are part of that bad energy, please think about searching for a new career. We need positivity, professionalism, and great people representing the hair industry.

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