Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hair Colorist Wednesday!: We Want To Know AH.... What You Think Of INOA

Yesterday I had the chance to learn a little bit about INOA hair color. The process of application. The benifits/features and so on. I am here to tell you a little bit about what I learned, share with you a few articles of what I have discovered, give you my final opinions and most important ask those of you who have used INOA what they know and think of the line!


What Is INOA?: INOA is a L'Oreal professional hair color that is an odorless, ammonia-free permeant hair color that delivers the performance of a traditional permeant based color line. INOA uses an Oil Delivery System technology that is unique to the process of how normal hair color works and processes.

What is the Oil Delivery System: It is an oil based delivery system that maximizes the hair color process, while giving the hair 2x more lipid protection (think of this as strength/moisture building).

The 3 Major Benefits:
1. The comfort - No ammonia/smell/smooth texture
2. The Integrity - The hair strength/moisture is not only maintained but is fortified.
3. Infinite Hair Color Power - The unique system of oil deliver and true pigment tones allow for more options and strength in the power of hair color.

How Does It Work/Use It?:

INOA is a 3 step mixing process. You mix a gel and developer then at that point you mix your pigment. Think of it like mixing your tubes of color in a sense. The actual color tubes are extremely small. You are in essence creating your more common tube of color. ** Note though it is not traditional color in any way.

Application: You start from the bottom and work your way up and you keep the hair as flat as possible. From that point you process and then do a dry emulsification into a wet emulsification. Which at that point you rinse.
** Note I am not an INOA educator nor do I endorse this process of application. This is what I picked up from what I learned and sharing with you guys. It is required that you have formal training with this color prior to any form of application which I do 100% recommend.

Lets take a look at some sites, reviews and comments around the web.


I want to do a little more research. It seem intresting. It also seems intresting how some one is arguing agaisnt the "ammonia free." Clearly there was ammonia hydroxide - which I know to be ammonia water essentially. I am going to do a little more research on this product line and play with it and write my own testimonals. I promise I will speak from the heart and truthfully.



  1. We just started using INOA. I love it. It does take a little longer with the steps but it is a little more expensive so the price/time factor weights itself out!

  2. I am not sure how you would differentiate between ammonia hydroxide and ammonia. That is like saying if I put cocaine i Coca Cola it is not really cocaine because it is mixed in water. INOA has ammonia in their line. It is clearly labeled on their ingredients label. I am also not very happy with the results. I really dislike the tubes because it limits creatively mixing colors. Also, the grey coverage is very bad and the color fades quite quickly. However, as most L'Oreal products, it will be marketed heavily and be a success for them in spite of whether or not they have any integrity. Have you ever looked into L'Oreal's history of animal testing? Absolutely despicable!