Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Week Recap: Christian Siriano

Christian Sirano showed at Fashion Week at 2:00

Here is a peek!

Recap: The show portrayed a lot of sophistication. His garments really captured a futuristic sophisticated woman. A lot of unique combinations of textiles and colors. The show really told a story of a woman who is very confidant and has a lot of roles and personalities but at the same time a lot of consistency to who she is. From day to night to elegance, this woman is both confident and chic!

Hair Recap!!: Like I said above the garments were a futuristic sophisticated woman. The hair complimented perfectly. The hair didn't have as much energy as maybe I would have loved to see. However, the style complimented the garments perfectly.

This style translates perfectly into the everyday working woman who is very sophisticated, confident and has to have a lot of roles in her lifestyle. There is a "laziness" yet "elegance" to this style.

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