Thursday, September 16, 2010

That 70's Fashion Show

Once again we are blogging about the 70's and that iconic look that it portrayed.

Check out the look Garren did @ Fashion week for Anna Sui.

The collection was quite 70's inspired. Taking from that Garren wanted to allow the clothing to become the focus of inspiration. So even though this hair had a really strong feeling of the 70's, Garren kept everything soft and subtle.

"Because the models are wearing headpieces, I'm keeping the style super simple as a base," said Garren.

So being that this is maybe the 12th blog I have written with the numbers 7 & 0 in it I thought I would reflect on what we hair stylits can take from this into our every day life in the salon.

This look represents a woman who is care free and of course free spirited. We have reached a time in our lives where our youth has been exposed to extremes in the economic clients and as these younger woman turn into adults and become our guests at the salon, I think these woman are striving for that freedom from life and stress and have a desire to express that in their style.

I think this is great! It allows us to let our hippie side out. Let hair be natural. Become inspired by what the hair wants to do. Let the natural flow of the hair and movement help to express the style and color of your guest and help her to find her freedom :)

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