Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hair Colorist Wednesday!: The Power Of Color

It's Time For This Week's Edition Of Hair Colorist Wednesday!!!

I found this absolutely wonderful video on the internet of how color can completely change the vision of an image and influence an array of imagination, inspiration and creativity.

Before I talk about why this relates to Hairdressers I want to share with you a little bit about this video.

This video was a collaboration of four different artists working from different areas around the globe & working together to create one masterpiece after the other by becoming inspired by color, shape and each other!

All of the artists were strangers who have never met and who come from different backgrounds. One is a student who was taking art classes on the side. One is an aspiring artist who was interested in a fine-art career. One is a hobby doodler. All were brought together from different parts of the globe to interact artistically in a way that wasn't even possible just a few years ago.

The participating artists didn't spend much time interacting with each other beforehand, but somehow the randomness become many birds and bird people. I asked that we change that into a Van Gogh starry-night image but make it a sunrise. That little bit of direction was all it took for the video to take off. Everyone's imagination was on overdrive. People who were watching would make up stories to go with what they saw, and that in turn influenced the artists. It was all people playing and killing time.

OK SO WATCH THE VIDEO....... Then My Blog Will Continue!

So why does this relate to Hair Colorists?

Well many reasons, first being the obvious. It's art and as a colorist art is naturally inspiring and informative!

But it so much more than the obvious. My goal was to share this with the intentions to express the power of color. Did you notice that throughout the video there was a point to which the picture changed before your eyes? Of course you did! It was so simple when you really break it down. By utilizing the combinations of color and shading to create depth and silhouettes, the picture was able to move and change right before our eyes.

The same principles relate to hair color. Color is simply light and depending on the reflection and absorption of certain light waves, changes the way we perceive the colors, depth and dimension of the hair.

It is amazing that by combining certain colors and blending certain colors together creates an illusion of what is perceived and allows us an infinite possibility of creation.

This is an amazing lesson; to follow the principles of color theory. Know your color wheel and understand the law of color within every formulation that you are working with. Take into consideration the colors your currently working with, to understand the colors you want to achieve, just like they did in the video.

Even though the video went quick, it was sped up and with out a doubt there was a thought process and a science put into the decision of what colors were going to be used to create the each segment of the video.

The most important message I want to share though, is let color and other works of art inspire you. Do not live in a bubble and definitely do become self absorbed! Become inspired by what you see everyday and appreciate others work, just like these artists did and allow your mind to take you to new possibilities!

What a wonderful world when hairdressers inspire hairdressers! We are so lucky!

Thank you for reading this post!

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  1. So Inspiring! Thank you for sharing this.